Arbor Care Services

Tree Care, Pruning, Consulting/Hazard Evaluation, Tree Removal and more!

Consulting/Hazard Evaluation

Prevention is the best cure. Understanding the relative health and safety of trees and knowing the proper care or action needed can be challenging.

Through visual assessment or diagnostic procedure, we can help you make tough decisions about your trees and leave you with peace of mind.

Tree Removal

From very large trees to small, Tree-ific has the equipment, knowledge and experience to safely remove any tree. We removed this dying Grand Fir in 2007. It measured 150 ft in height and averaged 8 ½ feet diameter at the base. :


Tree Pruning

Pruning should be part of the care and maintenance of trees.  There are a variety of applications and methods depending on the trees needs, your goal and the desired result.

Following are some aspects of pruning that Tree-ific can assist you with: Cleaning & Thinning – removes undesirable dead wood as well as aerates the canopy, reducing wind sail and potential failure

Ornamental pruning focuses on the beautiful, small specimens in your landscape achieving the desired shape and maintaining the proper size.

Hazard Reduction Pruning involves identifying potential areas of failure in mature trees and reducing long load bearing branches.

Hedge & Shrubbery Pruning

Clearance Pruning is necessary when trees start to impact homes and other structures. This pruning can increase light penetration and increase longevity of your roofs, gutters & siding.

Wetland Control – Sometimes native habitat (forest or wetland) areas can invade our living space. This pruning can allow you to reclaim some area without losing the natural environment.

Aerial Lift & Crane Work

We can make even the most difficult “scary jobs” possible! With the right equipment and experience, the job gets done safely and efficiently.


Storm Damage Work

Wind, Ice and snow can severely damage or bring trees down unexpectedly. Tree-ific responds quickly to such emergencies, handling them safely to give you peace of mind.

Mycorrhizae & Deep root Feeding

There are useful tools in helping trees maintain their vitality and healthy growth patterns.  Selective root feeding can provide vital nutrients for balanced growth.  Mycorrhizae is a beneficial organism that helps stimulate new root growth and can help protect from harmful fungi.

Other Services

Chipping, Stump Grinding, Native habitat enhancement tree grove cleaning.

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