Why you need an arborist

Tree care and preventative maintenance.
The Importance of Tree Care

Trees are a part of our urban landscapes.  They are the “permanent” fixtures, the long-term investments that shape our surroundings.  Since trees are constantly growing and changing, it is important and beneficial to establish a program of periodic maintenance.  This contributes to the health of the tree, encourages proper form and structure as it grows, and reduces the potential of failure and/or introduction of decay into the tree.  Not to be ignored is the fact that a properly managed tree makes a handsome contribution to the appearance of a landscape.  Tree management programs should be tailored to the specific needs of each tree specimen and the desired result in the landscape.

General Objectives:

1.    To train young trees from time of planting: Establishing proper structure, and includes establishing dominant leader and permanent structural branches, removing weak and undesirable limbs and managing temporary branches for trunk taper.

2.    To manage tree-scape as a whole, monitoring health of trees, Identifying and eliminating competition among specimens.

3.    To maintain mature trees: reducing potential of branch failure, encouraging balanced growth, providing clearance over existing structures, reducing wind throw hazard, and removing dangerous branches.

4.    To identify hazards and declining health and vigor in trees and provide remedial action or removal of dangerous trees.


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