Exciting News Tree-ific is now part of General Tree Service
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Tree-rific is now part of General Tree

After 20 years running of our own business, we have decided to retire and pursue other goals.   We have grown fond of our customers and wanted to find the right buyer-one that was well qualified in arboriculture and equally dedicated to caring for our customers. 

We have been acquainted with and worked with employees of General Tree Service throughout the past 12 years.  During that time, we have built a trusting relationship with them and had great confidence that they were the best choice to take over our business.

On March 13, 2018 General Tree Service officially took over operations of Tree-ific Arbor Care, Inc.  Our employees have become part of the General Tree family and will continue to serve McMinnville and the Yamhill County community.

The same top-notch qualityunder General Tree Service
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Transition to General Tree Service

Andrew and Laverne worked hard to establish a stellar reputation in the community therefore, they wanted to ensure the new owners would continue to deliver the same excellence to their customers.

Having worked with General Tree Service often over the years, they decided they were the best choice to take over the business as they held their company and employees to the same high standards and work ethic.

For a smoother transition, it was decided that Tree-ific would operate as a branch of General Tree for a limited time and continue to use the same name, phone number and logo.  Tree-ific’s employees have joined General Tree and will continue to do much of the field work.

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Welcome to the General Tree family

Owned and operated by Clint Landon, General Tree Service has been a family run business since 1924. In addition to providing all the same services as Tree-ific, General Tree offers other beneficial services, such as Plant Health Care.

Our area representative for Yamhill County is Edu Palomino.  He’ll be working closely with the former Tree-ific employees to continue the same high quality to which you have become accustomed.

Our goal is to offer a full palette of tree, shrub and plant health care services to homes and businesses in Yamhill County.  With a staff of certified arborists and tree/plant health care professionals, we live by our motto: “Our business is growing great relationships.” 

The same great servicesYou've come to depend upon
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Consulting/Hazard Prevention

Prevention is the best cure. Understanding the health and safety of trees and knowing the proper care or action needed can be challenging. We can help you with decisions while giving you peace of mind.

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Tree Removal

From large trees to small, Tree-ific has the equipment, knowledge and experience to safely remove any tree, including a Grand Fir that measured 150 ft. in height and averaged 8 ½ ft. diameter.

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Tree Pruning

Pruning should be part of the care and maintenance of trees. There are a variety of applications and methods depending on the trees needs, your goal and the desired result.

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Aerial Lift and Crane Work

We can make even the most difficult "scary jobs" possible! With the right equipment and experience, our employees get the job done safely and efficiently.

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Storm Damage Work

Wind, Ice and snow can severely damage or bring trees down unexpectedly. Tree-ific responds quickly to such emergencies, handling them safely to give you peace of mind.

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Mycorrhizae & Root Feeding

Selective root feeding can provide vital nutrients for balanced growth. Mycorrhizae is a beneficial organism that helps stimulate new root growth and protect from harmful fungi.

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Plant Health Care

90% of insect and disease problems in plants are caused by the basic needs of your plants not being met so we have developed plans that use environmentally friendly methods to keep them strong and healthy.

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Weed Control

The best way to deal with weeds is to stop them from growing. Our residential and commercial weed control start with a pre-emergent treatment to keep weeds from growing so your property looks great.

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